Our Brave Girl Boots Story

Brave Girl Boots!



CGgirls (a cross denominational/generational women’s event in Canton, Michigan) launched a 60 day prayer challenge called Brave Girl Boots.  150 women from all over signed-up to receive daily devotionals written by women from all walks of life, sharing their stories of bravery and not-so-brave moments.

During these 60 days,  women were encouraged to pray three things:  for God to plant a seed of vision for our lives, for the Holy Spirit to give us sensitivity to see a need during their day, and the bravery to act on it.  It was truly inspiring to see women seek God like this and our faithful God met us in our need.

It was during this time frame when Tami Walker felt the Lord nudge her in her own brave boots to expand this platform and encourage women from all over to be brave.  The vision for a Brave Girl Boots Devotional was planted.

We’ll be posting updates along this journey and hope you come along too!


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