Kind Words

Kind Words




The women of Brave Girl Boots express an authenticity and candidness that shines through brilliantly onto the pages of this fortifying devotional.

Sincerely, I hope that just as God has worked in their hearts, lives and their loved ones’ lives, you’ll relinquish any control that you think you have over your life and allow Him to do the same for you.  God cultivated in each of them a stronger faith in His Word, the grace to experience a more abundant life and ultimately His work in them brought Him glory!

As you read and participate in this Journey to Brave, you’ll learn to develop a healthier attitude about who you are in Christ and be reminded that God is faithful and simply trustworthy.  If you ask God to help you to be honest with Him and yourself about your fears, worries, insecurities, and concerns, you’ll reap such joyous results.  You’ll also witness a wondrous and beautiful transformation in yourself and the life God has given to you.  Once you complete this 40-day journey, you’ll look over your shoulder amazed at what God has done in and through you!    –  Shammon Naomi Nash


It will take me more than 40 days to get through this book because it is so rich with inspiration and encouragement for me on my current journey to bravery. Day 12 – Thank you Frances Barra for your beautiful words and the encouragement for me to continue being patient and brave for my son who is currently tittering on the edge of “I tried to be an atheist; it would hurt so much less to not believe in a God who could do things but would not do them for me.” I have never read anything that expressed my own feelings so closely at the end of my brokenness road or my experience during my fight for my faith. Thank you so much for allowing the Lord to use you to help me and others.   –  S. Belrose


I finished Brave Girl Boots this morning. Tami Walker, you and the women in this devotional are absolutely beautiful. I am so inspired. Truly! I am passing this book on to another friend who can’t wait to read it. Thank-you for your obedience and thank-you for encouraging women through Brave Girl Boots and CG. May the Lord continue to bless you and may you go on pointing others to the ONE who made us and called us to be brave girls in the first place. Love you!  – Misty Keith

2 thoughts on “Kind Words

  1. I just finished Day Forty of Brave Girl.What an awesome journey. One I will definitely take again! When we learn to “Let go and Let God” our journey takes on a whole different perspective. in the past few months my husband and I have stepped out in faith relying on God to lead us where HE wants us to be. Frightening? You know it! Trust is a hard pill for me to swallow, but with Brave Girl, I knew I wasn’t alone. God is ALWAYS there, but having forth other ladies who had traveled or is traveling the same road as I am, WOW what a comfort. The one line that stopped me in my tracks today is THERE IS NO ROOM FOR FEAR WHEN YOU ARE FULL OF FAITH. I read that line over and over and over again. God is SLOWLY removing many years of blinders off of my eyes, as He knows if he reveals to much to soon, fear would overtake my faith and I would fail.God doesn’t want any of us to fail. He wants our faith, ready and willing faith. I am getting there!! In Matthew 17:20 Jesus tells us…if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can move a mountain. Here is to moving mountains!! Thank you Tami and all of the Brave Girls for an sharing your stories. – Sheila Tacy

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    • This is soooo cool! Thank You for sharing… trusting as you continue this journey of brave you will share your story with others and continue the freedom that comes with faith! 🙂


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